Web Traffic: Dirty Tactics to Increase Comments on Your Blog By Gobala Krishnan

    • Fake your comments – No one wants to be the first to comment on anything, but they don`t mind joining in. You can always fake it, by submitting fake comments yourself or by hiring others to do it. Fortune 500 companies do this too, they call it €œcontent seeding and every major site has done this to some extent before they go live, so as not to look empty to new visitors.
    • Use visual stimulation – Use pictures that appeal to emotions, for example pictures of sexy women, cute toddlers or even cute puppies, depending on your market. Don`t pretend like you`ve never seen this happen on someone else`s blog before. You probably commented on that post too, right? Find a reason to put that picture into your post or else this won`t work. Use as often as required.

        • Comment bashing – A software like Instant Blog Links will get you a list of blogs where you can post your comments. Then, either post really negative comments or post a link to your blog that bashes the original post. You`ll get a lot of angry people dying to comment on your blog.
        • Re-light the fire – Do you know some topics never run out of comments? Are men smarter than women? Are dogs better than cats? Are blondes better than brunettes? Are Macs better than PCs? Some topics just have no conclusions, and that means you can get an infinite amount of comments and be no closer to a resolution for the topic itself.
        • Write something stupid – Break the rules, and do something contrary to what people expect from you. Go silly on your posts and you can wake up the next morning to a few comments at least.

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