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Saturday Night Live – YOLO by The Lonely Island ft. Adam Levine & Kendrick Lamar SNL Music Video & Lyrics


The Lonely Island consisting of Akiva Schaffer, Jorma Taccone, and Andy Samberg debuted their new song “YOLO” featuring Adam Levine and Kendrick Lamar on January 26, 2013 . This was the first Digital Short to air since Andy Samberg left SNL. It featured Host Adam Levine and Musical Guest Kendrick Lamar. Check out the funny …

Rebecca Black – Friday Crazy Funny Version MTV Lyrics


Rebecca Black “Friday” which became the definitive viral hit of 2011 because of the song’s rapid-fire, slightly silly stream-of-consciousness lyrics which so far has netted nearly 70 million views on YouTube. You gotta listen to this version that made me almost fell of the chair Rebecca Black’s “Friday” .. Watch and you know what I …