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Wordpress The “WordPress” developer team has successfully launched their latest
version of WordPress, called “WordPress Ella”. Numerically, the version number is called version 2.1

To the uninitiated, news like this seems like a normal announcement from software developers and are often passed on by. However, from the eyes of a trained mind and savvy businessman, the news of “WordPress Ella” contain many benefits that online business owners can immediately tap into and profit from.

“WordPress Ella” comes with the following enhancements which are a great resource for online business owners.

1. First on the list of enhancements from WordPress Ella is an ‘autosave’ function that ensures you will never lose a post again. This is an invaluable tool especially at times when you have spent a lot of time in front of your computer screen, brainstorming on what to write to promote your business.

Imagine the horror or frustration especially in instances where the battery of your notebook died and you forgot to save. Or perhaps there was a blackout or you accidentally closed the browser window without saving your work.

“WordPress Ella” autosave function is a real time saver and is an abosolute must for any online businesses.

2. Next in line on “WordPress Ella” is the “Import” and “Export” functions. Let’s talk about the import function first.

The latest release of “WordPress Ella” has an import function that allows you to import your blog created from other popular blogging platforms such as ‘Movable Type’, ‘Typepad’, ‘Livejournal’, ‘Blogger’ and so on, into WordPress itself.

This way, you don’t have to lose any important data such as your blog posts and comments. This flexibility is another reason why WordPress itself is so successful and continues to gain a huge following and user base.

Why would anyone want to transfer their blog from another platform to WordPress? Well, one reason is because with most of these other blogging platforms, the user has to pay a monthly fee. WordPress, as almost everyone knows is free, and you can easily install with a few clicks using Fantastico from within your hosting account’s Cpanel.

Another reason to migrate or transfer the entire blog to WordPress could be due to the limitation of some blogging platforms. Blogger, for example does not support the use of categories, which are critical when it comes to optimizing the blog to rank high for specific keywords related to the business.

Now, let’s discuss about the “Export” function.

“Export” as the name implies, will export all the WordPress posts and comments into a file (called XML). This file can then be imported into other WordPress blogs. It’s like a cross transferring of data between similar or related “WordPress Blogs”.

This is useful when one is starting a new blog and perhaps need to populate the blog with useful content instead of just displaying news feed. For example, if you have a blog on muscle building, and you started a new blog on weight loss, you can import the content (which are the posts and comments) from the muscle blog into the weight loss blog.

This way, when you drive traffic to your new weight loss blog, you can at least provide the reader with some useful content while you build up the content around weight loss. Naturally there is some correlation between these two topics. After all, if you want to build muscle, naturally you need to burn off the excess fats and turn them into muscles!

3. Another enhancement of “WordPress Ella” is the new search engine privacy. What this means is that you can indicate whether you’d like your blog to be indexed or ping by search engines, especially Google, Yahoo or MSN, which are the three top search engines online.

Most experienced marketers know about the pinging power of blogs. Everytime when a post is published, WordPress will ping or notify specific blog directories about updates to your blog, causing them to index or visit your blog, brining you that additional and much needed targeted traffic.

As crazy as it sounds, considering that most business owners would like to get their site listed in the search engines, there are also times when you might want to hide or mask your blog from the radar screen of search engines. This is true especially in cases where it’s only meant for paid customers only. For example, you might be providing some sensitive information meant for paid customers and you don’t want anyone doing a search on the search engines to stumble upon your blog and have access to the information.

4. Another powerful upgrade that “WordPress Ella” brings is the ability to specify a static page as the front page for your site or blog.

Most savvy marketers employ the use of a mini site or a one page only sales letter when marketing their products or services. Normally such one page sites will also contain an opt-in box, where visitors and readers are enticed to provide their email address in exchange for a free gift, software, e-course etc.

When they do so, they will normally be enrolled in an autoresponder course that automatically does the follow-up with the said subscriber which either results in a sale or no sale.

With a blog, however, the main page or the front page will always a display of the latest chronological posts. You can create pages for a blog, however, in the past it was not that easy for the layman to do so.

With “WordPress Ella”, all you need to do if you want a static front page is to select this option in the WordPress control panel. It can’t get any easier than this.

These are just some of the enhancements that you can immediately benefit from “WordPress Ella”.

This article assumes you already have some basic knowledge about the marketing power of blogs in terms of its syndication power, targeted traffic and search engine optimization capability for keywords.

If you’re totally new to blogs or perhaps would like to learn more about how your business can profit from blogs or the latest enhancements from WordPress Ella, visit WordPress Videos immediately.

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Brandon Hong has helped thousands of business owners to make more money, grow their subscribers, and expand their business through the use of WordPress blogs, rss and podcast. Join “WordPressVideos” today and discover how your business can benefit and profit from WordPress.
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