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cool mechenical insect art Mike Libby’s Insect Lab is an artist operated studio that customizes real insects with antique watch parts and electronic components. Offering a variety of specimens that come in many shapes, sizes and colors; each specimen is individually designed and hand- assembled, each is one of a kind and unique.

Borrowing from both science fiction and science fact, Insect Lab’s customized insects are a celebration of natural and manmade function. Specimens are presented in either custom made black shadow boxes or glass bell jars, allowing for display anywhere. Check out some these cool insects created by Insect Lab..

spidercool mechenical insect art

Mike spent his youth developing a keen understanding of the material world looking under rocks, dismantling appliances and practicing alchemy with ingredients found under the kitchen sink. Additionally he drew pictures, built fantastic machinations that completed mundane tasks and studied various musical instruments to little accomplishment.

dragon fly spider

insectlabs insectbak
He went on to transcend these hobbies at college, graduating with a degree in sculpture from the Rhode Island School of Design in 1999. He has since attended the Vermont Studio Center, and has exhibited in numerous solo and group exhibitions between New York, Rhode Island and Maine. He is currently developing his other sculptural work for future exhibits in New England and beyond; residing and working in South Portland, Maine.

insectlabs insectlabs cicadas insectlabs
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