I signed up for PPP .. I mean PayPerPost, finally got approved!

I signed up for PPP ,PayPerPost , make money onlineFinally got approved by PayPerPost 🙂 so I thought of doing a short post and review about PayPerPost, a cool blog marketing site..

For those who have no idea about PayPerPost, here’s what PayPerPost is all about.. PayPerPost„¢ is an automated system that allows you to promote your web site, product, service, or company through the PayPerPost network of bloggers. It is the leading marketplace for Consumer Generated Advertising connecting advertisers with bloggers and other consumer content creators in order to develop and distribute compelling content throughout the blogosphere and social networks. Advertisers compensate bloggers to promote their products, services and websites, providing bloggers with a way to monetize their blog and drive traffic unlike ever before.

I choose to sign up with PayPerPost because I heard from one of my friend mentioning that he manage to earn some income through writing specific post. I thought since I also blog, why not grab this opportunity to also earn some extra income.. hey, might even able to cover my hosting fees for my blog site and if got extra I can use it donate to HOPE Worldwide. well, I’m just a beginner in this PayPerPost so I’m sure will be able to learn more as I write and contribute more in the future.
Sign Up now PayPerPostIf you are a blogger and want to earn some extra income, why don’t you sign up too? You got nothing to lose but all to gain.. Just sign up using the form on the side bar menu .. easy as ABC 😀 Good luck!

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