Hui Kin birthday hangout at Settlers Cafe

Yesterday I went for Hui Kin birthday hangout. We had dinner at SS2 “Wai Sek Kai” and then after went to Settlers Cafe in Damansara Jaya, nearby Atria. We all played the “Betrayal at House On the Hill” and some of us try out “Citadel”. We had a blast playing the World of Warcraft boardgame version and also last Friday hangout with the bros small group. It’s a really nice play to hangout and play some boardgame, I would recommend you guys to check it out if you love boardgames coz there is loads of boardgames that I bet you never tried before. There are a few attractive packages for you to choose and it comes with drinks and finger food. I would say it’s not too expensive and it’s a great place to just enjoy some fun time over there.. Click on the photo below to see more.. check it out 🙂

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by mAvEriCk

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