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Free, Book, Christian,Gospel,Missionary,Revolution in World Missions Revolution in World Missions isn’t really a book about missions. It’s about what God can do with your heart when you let Him.

The book is free. And by that we mean completely free. No shipping or handling and no hidden fees.

So, there has to be a catch, right? Well, sort of. You need to give us two things. One is your mailing address, so we know where to send your free book. The other is your email address. We know you’re wondering what we’ll do with that. We don’t blame you €” we feel the same way about giving out our email addresses.

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We will send you one confirmation email. We won’t sell or rent your name to anyone and we won’t get you on a spam list.

We’re giving this book away because it changes people’s lives!

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What people are saying about this book:

“Every Christian family should read this book” – B.H., Warsaw IN

“We have both read KP’s book and were very moved to change part of our lifestyle to further the Gospel. I hope we can do more as we get braver!” – Mr. & Mrs. D.F., Los Alamos, NM

“Your book stirred me to tears and drove me to prayer!” – J.S., Towson, MD

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