DotA: Warcraft III DotA Allstars v6.63b Map Download Released


DOTA,dblizzard-warcradt,WARCARFT dota, dota-allstars, dota-allstars-v6.63b-map, dota-change-logs, free-map-download, games, icefrog, map-download, Warcraft III DotA All-stars v6.63b Map download is out!! check out the latest patch by IceFrog that focuses specifically fixing some bugs & exploit found in the previous v6.63 map release.

DoTA V6.63b Change Logs

* Fixed an exploit possible with Puck
* Armlet recipe now changed to include Quarterstaff instead of Blades of Attack (bonuses and total price unaffected)
* Fixed Wrath of Nature from targeting couriers
* Fixed a bug with Spirit Bear‘s entangle and overgrowth

* Fixed Heart icon on the endgame scoreboard
* Undid a couple of the fun names recently added
* Fixed a rare abuse that could cause other users performance to drop

Download DotA v6.63b Map here:

Download DotA-AllStars v6.63b Map Link # 1

Download DotA-AllStars v6.63b Map Link # 2

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