Chitika eMiniMalls (Beta) on PJ LightHouse

If u notice something new in my site lately, you can see a special ads at the end of the post.. something like this..It’s actually Chikita eMiniMalls.
Chitika eMiniMalls (Beta) on PJ LightHouse

eMiniMalls (Beta)

Extending Revenue Beyond Advertising

Chitika | eMiniMalls SM bring life to product promotion on the web. With eMiniMalls you can hand-select specific products (or product categories) targeted to the content of your webpage, and provides your users with robust comparative shopping information to make an informed buying decision – before they leave your site. As users click, you make money. Watch eMiniMalls Video!

eMiniMalls now offers category based targeting. This preview tool shows you the list of categories and a randomly selected product from each category.

Q : Can I use eMiniMalls with Google Adsense?

Chitika cannot speak on Google’s behalf. However, some of our clients who have contacted Google have been informed that it is ok to use eMiniMalls with Google Adsense when used in non-contextual mode (1, 2). By default, the eMiniMalls code is set to be non-contextual.

eMiniMalls service has no exclusivity conditions. You can choose to use eMiniMalls with any other ad service. If you are concerned about Google AdSense exclusivities, then please note that our eMiniMalls are not text ads and they don’t even look like contextual text ads. We display products and best offers for those products from various merchants.

If you own your own blog site, you can also start applying for Chitika eMiniMalls to monetize your site. Apply now for it here or click on the image below 🙂

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