YouTube Stop-Motion Movie : Tony vs. Paul

YouTube Stop-Motion Movie : Tony vs. Paul, YouTube, Stop motion, cool, Funny Junk, Tony vs Paul, Movie keke..this is a funny stop-motion movie titled “Tony vs. Paul”.. it’s about a battle between two friends turned enemies. Enjoy the clip below 😀

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“Tony vs Paul” was written and directed by two first-time filmmakers, Paul Cummings and Tony Fiandaca, who also star as two former friends who engage in a wacky stop-motion battle through the countryside of Massachusetts, USA.

The film makes use of pixilation an animation technique using live actors as stop-motion objects which was made popular back in 1952 in Norman McLaren’s short, “Neighbours.” It uses the technique exceedingly well, with the characters’ movements always seeming completely smooth, particularly when each man finds himself gliding a good one metre above the ground (an effect accomplished by continuously jumping into the air for each frame).

According to the filmmakers, the film took two months to film and edit, and stop motion being a relatively tedious process , you can imagine what sort of patience the two must have been required to have. The film’s soundtrack, which is a catchy little techno tune, was performed by the third and final credited crew member, Christopher Donovan.

Paul Cummings, Tony Fiandaca (co-director)
Paul Cummings (writer), Tony Fiandaca (writer)

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