What can you learn from DotA? Physics!!!

See what I found on the net, not written by me one..check it out! For those who play DotA, treat it as a way of learning or you will get nothing but eye cancer. Now let`s learn some physics concept in this game.

Turbo buffalo

This is the very basic of physics. If the Spirit Breaker`s acceleration is a, then his velocity after time t is V=Vo + at, where Vo is the initial velocity. The distance after time t equals to x=Vot + ½at². But in the game, Spirit Breaker`s velocity becomes constant after a few seconds accelerating to the enemy. I guess that this is due to the air resistant and friction force.

Beast master the lumberjack

Rexar`s axes return back to his hand after slashing the enemies.Why?

Luna`s bouncing shuriken

Luna`s attack reduces to 40% for every time her shuriken bounce. Here, we can say that 4/10 X ½mVo²=½mvV² where Vo is the initial velocity and V is the velocity after the shuriken collides. The shuriken`s mass doesn`t change so we can simplify the equation to V= Vo(4/10)^½.

Zapping charge

Consider that the electric balls contain same amount of electric charge, q1, q2, q3. The force between q1 and q2 is given by F=k|q1.q2|/r², k =8.987551 X 10^9. As the force and distance between q1, q2 and q3 are the same, the electric balls are in equilibrium state.

Lawn mowing creeps

If Juggernaut spins with constant velocity, ω, then the centripetal acceleration can be defined as a= ω²r.The energy of his spinning blade equal to mrω²/2. Where m is the blade`s mass and r is the length of Juggernaut`s hand.

Cooking enemy`s tower

Let`s say the specific heat of scourge tower is given by value c. Then the energy needed to increase the tower`s temperature by 500 degree Celsius is given by Q=500mc where m is the mass of the tower. If Lesrac`s spell is P[watt] then the time taken to destroy the tower is 500mc/P.Consider the tower burns at 500 degree Celsius. Unfortunately, this spell only burns organic creatures, not building.

Bone with his searing arrow

If we neglect the air resistant, the arrow is falling with g acceleration.The x-axis velocity is given by Vx=VoCos(θ) where θ is the angle of the fired arrow.The y-axis is given by Vy=VoSin(θ) €“ gt where g is gravity and t is the time after the arrow was fired. Then we can find the maximum distance that the arrow can go from the equation:R=Vo²sin(2θ)/g.

Rhasta`s marathon

Rhasta is one of the slowest heroes in Dota, probably slower than the creeps. If Rhasta`s velocity is Vr and creeps` velocity is Vc, Rhasta is moving Vr-Vc relative to the creeps.

Butcher`s spring of death

Let the Leoric`s mass is m and the distance between Pudge and Leoric is x.The energy needed to extend the hook to x distance is given by E=½kx² where k is the force constant of the hook. The work done to pull Leoric is xma. From the conservation energy theory, we will get xma=½kx².By simplifies this we can express the Leoric acceleration toward Pudge by a==½kx/m.

Waving creeps to afterlife

Aqasha`s wave`s wavelength (λ) is constant. We can make a hypothesis here that the air pressure and density doesn`t change even if a battle occurs. The velocity of the wave can be expressed as v=fλ where f is the wave`s frequency.

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