Virus Trojan Alert on Yahoo Messenger

Hi guys! Just to let u know there is a virus been transmitted through Yahoo Messenger that looks something below, I change the link a bit so it won`t be accidentally clicked. DON’T EVER CLICK ON THE LINK!!
1) Update your Windows right now to avoid lots of critical online viruses. Click here to know how to Update your Windows without a license key : htttp://

2) A new dangerous computer virus that can destroys all your data has just been released. Click here to know how to avoid it : htttp:// <<

3) You are virus infected . Use this tool to remove viruses from your PC : htttp:// C00l !!!

In case you already click on it, I recommend that you scan your PC with Anti-Virus software like Norton to remove the virus and change your Yahoo password immediately. This virus, called AutoIt.D, a variant of AutoIt, is a Trojan. AutoIt.D attempts to download and install other malware to the system and changes startup and search pages of Internet Explorer. More information on can be found here : You can also try running anti-virus scan and clean it using a free service from Trendmicro at :

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