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Microsoft Excel, Keyboard Shortcut key Excel is Microsoft’s dedicated spreadsheet program, contained in the majority of Microsoft Office versions as well as being available as a standalone product. If you don’t have the exact version of a particular program then it may well be, that some or all of the shortcuts for a particular program can be used with different versions of the same program.

Here’s the list of Excel Keyboard Shortcuts


Description Shortcut Key
New file Ctrl + N
Open file Ctrl + O
Save file Ctrl + S
Move between open workbooks Ctrl + F6
Close file Ctrl + F4
Save as F12
Display the print menu Ctrl + P
Select whole spreadsheet Ctrl + A
Select column Ctrl + Space
Select row Shift + Space
Undo last action Ctrl + Z
Redo last action Ctrl + Y
Start a formula Equals Sign (eg. SUM(A1+A2)
Exit Excel 97 Alt + F4


Description Shortcut Key
Move to next cell in row Tab
Move to previous cell in row Shift + Tab
Up one screen Page Up
Down one screen Page Down
Move to next worksheet Ctrl + Page Down
Move to previous worksheet Ctrl + Page Up
Go to first cell in data region Ctrl + Home
Go to last cell in data region Ctrl + End

Formatting Text In Worksheet

Description Shortcut Key
Bold toggle for selection Ctrl + B
Italic toggle for selection Ctrl + I
Underline toggle for selection Ctrl + U
Strikethrough for selection Ctrl + 5
Change the font Ctrl + Shift + F
Change the font size Ctrl + Shift + P
Apply outline borders Ctrl + Shift + 7
Remove all borders Ctrl + Shift + Underline
Wrap text in same cell Alt + Enter

Formatting Cells

Description Shortcut Key
Format cells Ctrl + 1
Select font Ctrl + Shift + F
Select point size Ctrl + Shift + P
Format as currency Ctrl + Shift + 4
Format as general (to remove any formatting) Ctrl + Shift + # (hash sign)
Format as percentage Ctrl + Shift + 5
Format as number Ctrl + Shift + 1

Editing/Deleting Text

Description Shortcut Key
Delete one character to right Delete
Delete one character to left Backspace
Edit active cell F2
Cancel cell entry Escape Key

Highlighting Cells

Description Shortcut Key
Select entire worksheet Ctrl + A
Select entire row Shift + Spacebar
Select entire column Ctrl + Spacebar
Manual select Hold Shift + with Left, Right, Up, Down Arrow Key

Copying and Moving Text

Description Shortcut Key
Cut Ctrl + X
Copy Ctrl + C
Paste Ctrl + V

Inserting Text Automatically

Description Shortcut Key
Autosum a range of cells Alt + Equals Sign
Insert the date Ctrl + ; (semi-colon)
Insert the time Ctrl + Shift + ; (semi-colon)
Insert columns/rows Ctrl + Shift + + (plus sign)
Insert a new worksheet Shift + F11


Description Shortcut Key
Find text Ctrl + F
Replace text dialog Ctrl + H
Create a chart automatically on new sheet F11
Edit a cell comment Shift + F2

Main Jaws Keystrokes In Excel

Description Shortcut Key
Say Version of Excel Ctrl + Shift + V
Move to Next Sheet Ctrl + Page Down
Move to Prior Sheet Ctrl + Page Up
Go to a cell command Ctrl + G
Collapse Selection To Active Cell Shift + Backspace
Say Active Cell Coordinates Insert + C
AutoSum Alt + Equals
Formula Mode Equals Sign
Insert Date In Current Cell Ctrl + ; (semicolon)
Insert Time In Current Cell Ctrl + Shift + ; (semicolon)
Current Column First Cell From Top Alt + 1
Current Column Second Cell From Top Alt + 2
Current Column Third Cell From Top Alt + 3
Current Column Fourth Cell From Top Alt + 4
Data Region Left Ctrl + Left Arrow
Data Region Right Ctrl + Right Arrow
Data Region Down Ctrl + Down Arrow
Data Region Up Ctrl + Up Arrow
Select Whole Data Region Ctrl + Shift + 8
Say Formula Ctrl + F2
Spell Check F7
Report Gridline Status Alt + Shift + g
Read Row Total Insert + Delete
Read Column Total Insert + Enter
Say Column Title Alt + Shift + C
Say Row Title Alt + Shift + R
Say Visible Range Coordinates Alt + Shift + V
Cycle Through Controls in Dialog Box Tab
Tab Backwards Shift + Tab
List Cells With Comments Ctrl + Shift + ‘ (apostrophe)
Row Second Cell From Left Alt + Ctrl + 2
Row First Cell From Left Alt + Ctrl + 1
Row Third Cell From Left Alt + Ctrl + 3
Row Fourth Cell From Left Alt + Ctrl + 4
Describe Cell Border Alt + Shift + B
Read Cell Comment Alt + Shift + ‘ (apostrophe)
Auto Filter Ctrl + Shift + A
Read Cell Hyperlink Alt + Shift + H
Close Office Assistant Ctrl + Insert + F4
Set Monitor Cell One Alt + Ctrl + Shift + 1
Set Monitor Cell Two Alt + Ctrl + Shift + 2
Set Monitor Cell Three Alt + Ctrl + Shift + 3
Set Monitor Cell Four Alt + Ctrl + Shift + 4
Set Monitor Cell Five Alt + Ctrl + Shift + 5
Set Monitor Cell Six Alt + Ctrl + Shift + 6
Set Monitor Cell Seven Alt + Ctrl + Shift + 7
Set Monitor Cell Eight Alt + Ctrl + Shift + 8
Set Monitor Cell Nine Alt + Ctrl + Shift + 9
Set Monitor Cell 10 Alt + Ctrl + Shift + 0
Read Monitor Cell One Alt + Shift + 1
Read Monitor Cell Two Alt + Shift + 2
Read Monitor Cell Three Alt + Shift + 3
Read Monitor Cell Four Alt + Shift + 4
Read Monitor Cell Five Alt + Shift + 5
Read Monitor Cell Six Alt + Shift + 6
Read Monitor Cell Seven Alt + Shift + 7
Read Monitor Cell Eight Alt + Shift + 8
Read Monitor Cell Nine Alt + Shift + 9
Read Monitor Cell Ten Alt + Shift + 0
List Visible Cells With Data Ctrl + Shift + D
Lists Data In Current Column Ctrl + Shift + C
List Data In Current Row Ctrl + Shift + R
Select Hyperlink Ctrl + Shift + H
Move To Worksheet Listbox Ctrl + Shift + S
Move To Monitor Cell Ctrl + Shift + M
Select Worksheet Objects Ctrl + Shift + O
List Cells At Page Breaks Ctrl + Shift + B
Options Listbox Insert + V

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