Tips & Tricks: How To Backup Microsoft Outlook Express to Hardisk

Outlook Express, Microsoft, Backing up Hardisk Trying to find out how to back up your Microsoft Outlook Express? Here’s a useful guide that teaches you how to do it..

The following proceedures were tested on Microsoft® Outlook Express® 6.0. The author makes no guarantees that this proceedure will work on other versions. However, the key element to backing up your data is locating the correct folder and files. Once this is accomplished, you simply copy the folder to your backup location. You can find out which version of Outlook Express you are running by starting the program and then clicking on Help > About Microsoft Outlook Express.

Microsoft Outlook Express stores your email, newsletter and contact information is a single folder. Within this folder there are individual database files (*.dbx) for each folder contained in Outlook Express. For example, there will exist an Inbox.dbx, an Outbox.dbx, a Contacts.dbx and a variety of others including any new folders that you have created using Outlook Express (if you created a “Friends” folder there will be a corresponding Friends.dbx file). By backing up these database files you will be backing up all your Outlook information . The hard part is locating the files…

You can locate the folder containing these files by:

1. Opening Outlook Express and clicking on Tools > Options.

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2. Click on the Maintenance Tab and then on the “Store Folder” button.

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3. You will be presented with a “Store Location” window displaying the path to the folder containing the database files.

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4. Using your mouse cursor, select the entire path, then copy (CTRL + C) and paste (CTRL + V) the path into Windows Explorer (Explorer can be found here: Start > Programs > Accessories > Windows Explorer). Erase the “Outlook Express” from the end of the path and press the “Enter” key on your keyboard. Explorer will automatically open the folder containing your Outlook Express folder that you need to back up. .

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5. Copy and paste this folder to a Zip disk or other backup source. It will probably be too large to copy to a floppy disk.

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