The Nativity Story : New movie

Nativity Story The Nativity Story showcases the powerful story of Jesus` birth in a sweeping yet intimate film. Beautifully rendered by director Catherine Hardwicke from a screenplay written by Mike Rich, the film offers contrasting pictures of those who trust in God and those who don`t, presents various images of the journey of faith, and reveals God`s faithfulness in keeping his promises to his people, even in highly unexpected ways.

Nativity Poster God used amazing events to communicate that Jesus Christ was the promised Messiah who would be the Savior of the world. Some message brought in this movie include :-

God Promised Christ`s Arrival Throughout History

The promise of the coming Savior appears like a thread running through the Old Testament, starting with a hint after the first recorded sin…

God Became a Man
The most astounding message of the Nativity is that God became man. John tells us God became flesh and lived with us (John 1:14)…

Angels Testified to Christ`s Coming

The angel Gabriel appeared to Mary, not only to prepare her, a virgin, for bearing the Son of God, but to give her specific instructions concerning him…

Witnesses Proclaimed Christ the Messiah
Eight days after Jesus was born, Mary and Joseph took him to the temple. Simeon, who had been promised he wouldn`t die before seeing the Lord`s Christ, said, €œMy eyes have seen your salvation…

Christ Came for Our Salvation
Jesus came to fulfill thousands of years of prophecy. He would be the one who not only represented God, but was God (John 1:1). When Adam and Eve sinned…

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