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The Malaysian Dotcom Youth Search,Nuffnang

The Malaysian Dotcom Youth Search is now open for registration! If you own a blog or a website eligible for entry, submit your applications now. Who knows, you may just win an investment opportunity to further develop your site! Are you a technopreneurs? Check out this The Malaysian Dotcom Youth Search! and you could win RM20,000 of prize money 😛

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The Youth ’08 official launch held at PWTC on the 15th November 2007. Officiated by the Deputy Minister of Youth and Sports, Y.B. Dato’ Liow Tiong Lai, the event showcased the ideas of Project E.Y.E. while promoting the up and coming events for the Malaysian Youth Lifestyle Showcase

With the burgeoning growth of Internet users in Malaysia, particularly amongst the youth, there is a steady community of technopreneurs whose technological skills and efforts are overlooked. The Malaysian Dotcom Youth Search therefore aims to bring out these hidden technopreneurs by hunt down the websites, portals and even blogs with the ability to generate income and influence communities with an innovative factor.
By scouting the web and evaluating nominated sites using a well established criteria and evaluation procedure, the search selects and showcases future thinking, progressively established websites which use cutting edge technology, together with inspirational ideas that lead the way for the future generation in entrepreneurship on the internet.

The search requires permission to feature a website/portal/blog. Therefore, websites must be submitted by site official(s)/representative(s)/developer(s). Please note that we only accept nominations from official site representatives and/or the design/development team of any given website. No website will be featured at the search without the relevant authority/permission.

An extensive recruitment drive will be conducted throughout December via:
– Online, with our partners
(MIRC Incubator, Nuffnang,
– Roadshows
– Promotional Collaterals

Prize giving ceremony to be highlighted on Main Stage on Day 1 of YOUTH `08.
(Duration: 2 hours)

Judging Criteria
All sites will be judged based on the following, 3I`s:
INCOME (40%): Ability to generate income (if the website does not generate any income, this criteria will be judged on the potential of the site to generate)
INFLUENCE (40%): Content 20%, Traffic 10%, Vote 10%
INNOVATIVE (20%): User-friendliness 10%, Graphics 5%, Personality 5%

Judging Process
All sites will undergo an initial evaluation by the Organizer in all areas of the criteria. Eligible sites must score at least 50% to be selected for the search. Sites that pass this evaluation will enter the next phase, whereby the site`s profile will be featured as a nominee in, whereby the public will be able to vote for their favorite nominee.

Shortlisted sites will be notified within 1 day after the application is sent.

Upon approval of each application, an email with a HTML code will be sent to the nominee, whereby he/she is required to install an emblem on the website/portal/blog which notifies the participation in the search. This HTML code will act as a hit counter as well as vote tracker for the particular site.

We will not evaluate sites which:
1. Contain nudity, violence, defamation or any other elements deemed offensive by the organizer.
2. Promote or contain illegal activities, i.e. copyright infringements, etc
3. Do not respect their legal obligations, i.e. privacy policies
4. Are based outside of Malaysia, or developed by non-Malaysians

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