Take Courage and ASK

Rainbow Is it hard for you to ask for something? Typically, men are known for not asking for directions because they like to figure them out by themselves. Women often ask, €œHow do I look? in hope of affirming their value. Children, on the other hand, boldly and persistently ask for everything because they see no limitations to life. What have you been asking lately?

Years ago, in the midst of having five children that the doctors said I could never have, I gradually lost my eyesight with each birth. I had to learn to ask for help. This did not come easily for I was skilled in independence. At first, I was embarrassed for anyone to think I may have a weakness, fearing that my life would not look perfect. My value was based on the way I looked and not on who I was. In time, I learned that life is about a team effort and everyone has need of others.

Asking for help engages others in greatness and purpose. If I ask for a man`s arm to help me be ushered into a meeting or to a stage where I am to speak to an audience, it allows the man to look like a gentlemen robed in valor. If I ask my family for assistance, my children learn to serve the needs of others. If I have need of a ride with a friend, we engage in conversation, and I have an opportunity to encourage my driver as I take interest in his/her life. The last time I drove I had to ask the passenger to tell me where the road was. Sometimes you need to ask for help so no one is hurt.

I am intrigued with the word €œask. Recently, encouragement came as I pondered this powerful three-letter word from the scriptures of old. Its relevancy may help you today as you go about your business. It is a perfect acrostic. It says, €œAsk and it shall be given to you. Seek and you shall find. Knock and the door shall be opened to you.
A – Ask.
This reminds us that there is something yet to be given. How will you know until you ask? Sometimes, things are out of our reach and we need the assistance of others. What increase could come to your life if you would only ask?
S – Seek
Life is the treasure hunt, and we must keep searching, because there is something more to be found. Occasionally, I am in need of others finding something for me. I am amazed how little it takes to dissuade them from finding what I have asked. If I am cooking and I request my husband to get the garlic for me out of the cabinet, he often opens the door and says, €œI don`t see it. This response provokes me to take on the challenge, as I persistently reply, €œLet me try! The difference in my searching is determination. My seeking is not based on only what I can see. I reach in and begin to feel for the bottle because I know its shape and smell, and I am not closing the cabinet until I find what I want. What about your determination? Do you close life`s cabinet door and give up your search because it takes too much effort? Keep searching; you are near the gold.

K – Knock.
The instruction is to knock, for there is a door yet to be opened to you. It does not matter if you have previously knocked on one hundred doors. There is one about to open to you that will require your knock. Some do not want to knock on any door for fear it may be the wrong door. That mentality will paralyze you from trying. What if it is the right door with other doors hinging on it? Keep knocking.

Are you lacking today because you have not asked? Do you need to ask someone more seasoned in your field for help? What possible sale is pending because you have not asked? Could asking whom you can serve today broaden your territory?

Take courage ASK!

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