Sunday Service in Seremban

Last Sunday we had our final Seremban Mission Service for the year 2006 in Seremban. I was stuck in a bad jam while on the way to Seremban from KL..

It took one an hour and half because of the Selangor public holiday, loads of people went back for holiday in thier home town. Finally, I reached Seremban 2 Jusco around 3pm and met up with the Singaporean brother and sister and start to evangalise with Ah Tat, a youung Christian from the chinese ministry. I appreciate his serving heart of wanting to reach out to people. He actuallyaccidently knocked his head and had to have 3 stiches to stop the bleeding.appreciate his zeal and heart of wanting to share his faith even though he went through the mishap.

Later, We met up again with the rest at 5:30pm to share good news. We were encouraged by the many good news and people are just so open to hear the Words being preached. One of the married couple even manage to shared thier faith to 26 people on that day alone..

God is awesome to blessed us with so much good news!

After that we went for dinner at a seafood restaurant to have some Marmite crabs.. yum yum 😀

brothers digging in..

keke.. a gigantic crab claw 🙂
that’s all left of the Marmite crab..all in my stomach.. I am so full 😛

The next morning, we had our service at the Chung Hwa Old Student Association, Philip Thong did a great communion sharing, Michelle sang a touching “Via De Losa” communion song and some sisters were in tears too.. and I share the Seremban Mission Contribution..bit nervous since it’s first time I sharing in the church service 😀 Thank God I manage to pull though.. I had to pray earlier to calm myself first before going on stage..that really help me to trust God everything will go well..

Burt shared the lesson on theme “Come O Ye Faithful” will try to get more photos of the service later cause I didn’t manage to take much photo during the service. Overall we had a great service, even Manor’s parent was around to join us during the service.

After the service, we all went to have the famous beef noodles lunch at Kemanyan Square.

Brothers & sisters enjoying the beef noodles ..

After lunch we bid farewell to the Singaporean bro and sis and we head back to KL. I’m looking foward for next year plans to come to Seremban more often to share the good news in my very own hometown.

You can also view the full photo album here :

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