Seven Ways to Sell Your Content Online

The Internet is a pretty text-centric universe. While there are successful video websites and blogs, writing is still the primarily means to communicate ideas and opinions.In terms of making money online, there are several ways in which the originality of content is an important element of additional income for anyone who works from home or loves to spend time online.Selling text-based content has been traditionally playing field of freelance writers. However several websites are pretty much open to the average blogger or enthusiasts, The high standards and in-house style of magazines and publishing houses do not apply here as one can pretty much write in the vernacular, without much stylistic flourish.

I do think these seven content selling programs are ideally suited for active bloggers or individuals who are familiar with web writing.

Review Stream This is an interesting site where you get to review just about almost anything in your life. According to their TOS, you could possibly review anything in your neighborhood: From the barber shop, movie rental store, streets, hotels to your pets, girlfriend or any product you can possibly think of. The current review rate is $1.5 for each review. If your review doesn`t meet their standards for some reason or another, you`ll get a €˜bulk rate`, which is 30 cents. Read more in their FAQ. Like Review Stream, a website that pays you to write personal reviews of products/services that range from cars, books and movies to sports. Each review earns you Eroyalty credits which can be redeemed in U.S dollars. Basically, Eopinons provides consumers with real opinions and then makes money through affiliate sales. You, as a writer get a cut according to how your reviews are received, or if they actually led to a buyer purchase. Both negative and positive opinions are accepted. Find out more at their FAQ here.

Helium. A community where you contribute by writing articles about subjects such as automobiles, computing, religion and entertainment. Like other social websites, Helium uses peer-review ranking engine to place articles that are popular at the top of the scale. Helium shares a portion of the revenue with every individual who contributes articles to the site. According to them, the logic is simple: €œThe better you write, the higher you rank, the more our reward.. Helium is pretty professional about payments and I think getting ranked for each article in specific fields does give a certain boost to the ego and helps to determine the relevance or skill of your writing abilities.

Constant Content
. This website operates as a marketplace for web writers and website owners. Webmasters can request for content on specific fields and list the price they are willing to pay. Writers can then contact the webmasters with their writing samples to show interest in the specific assignment. Writers can sell articles under unique/exclusive or usage licenses, whereby content can be sold just once or several times. Sign up here

Wise Orb is a site that allows you to submit articles on a variety of subjects and get paid in the process. Members simply write and submit useful information for our readers, and are paid according to how popular the article is. You can submit articles on a variety of subjects, including product reviews, recipes, holiday destinations, €œhow to guides, essays, general opinions and much more. Due to the nature of their payment system, Wise Orb does not divulge exact amounts or percentages. The amount an article earns will then be governed by the amount of visitors that it attracts, and how useful the article is to them (Taken from their FAQ). Check it out here.

Associated Content. Similar to the other websites above, Associated Content pays you to add content into their website and community. However, they only pay U.S residents who are over 18. The earning potential for Associated Content is very competitive because you`ll earn only if your submitted content meets monthly conditions. For example, if your content receives 10,000 views – you will get $25. If it receives 40,000 or more views, you will get $100. This is unambiguous, unlike the profit-sharing rules of Helium or WiseOrb. I very much like the fact that the payout rates are made transparent. If you have original content, a very popular blog and a helluva network of friends, you`ll probably stand to make a lot of money on Associated Content. Sign up.

Scoopt Words. A website that helps connect bloggers with advertisers who want to buy content out of the specific blogger`s website. How it works is simple: Put it a button on your blog`s sidebar (see an example on the right) and when buyers click on it, they`ll work with Scoopt to purchase the needed content. You`ll get 75% (current rates) of the revenue. I like the fact that the content rights remain with blogger, while Scoopt Words takes care of the commercial licensing process. They only pay via Paypal within 30 days. During the beta phase, users can register up to five blogs. Sign up.

There are probably some more websites out there that enable one to sell content.. leave a comment if you think there are other worthy programs that should be in this list.


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