Rio de Janeiro New Year 2007 Celebration

Rio De Janeiro 2007

This is a very cool 360 degress photo taken at Rio de Janeiro during the New Year 2007 Celebration..

Click here to view, you need Quicktime to view this awesome photo.

The Rio de Janeiro New Years Celebrations at Copacabana beach are the largest in the world with around 2 million people on the beach.

AYRTON writes:

It was a total of 22 minutes of pyrotechnics, consuming more than 19.000 bombs, in a total of 24 tons of powder. To prevent accidents, the fireworks were launched from 8 (eight) rafts spread by the sea of Copacabana beach, winthin 360 meters of distance of the sand. Also the big yatchs and transatlantics were at another 360 meters away from the rafts. They come from all over the world with lots of tourists from Europe, USA, and Asia. The spetacle cost 1,8 million Reais, or something around 1 million dollars.
This year there was only one stage for musicians but with 36 installed towers of sound all along the beach with a very high volume to make everybody happy and dancing.
Because of the rain all day long there was less people than expected, but it’s still a big event with almost 2 million people dressing in white, crying, yelling, and praying for a New Year with happiness, peace, money and love 🙂

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