Photos of Seremban Steamboat Gathering

We had our very first Seremban Steamboat gathering with Singaporean bros & sis last Saturday..We had a great time of eating loads of food, fun-game, awesome fellowship and bible discussion πŸ™‚ We reach Seremban around 9:30 am and we went to Seremban Market to get the food stuff for steamboat. Here’s some photos I took..

Michelle busy bargaining for the cheapest price for vege πŸ˜›

drop by to get some chicken meat.. ehh.. chicken having jacuzzi?? Anymore stuff to buy?? we finally got some prawns to make sure we can have a nice soup for the steamboat.. back in my house for a dicussion on how to set up everything before our friends come.. Steamboat #1 : Tom Yam flavour Steamboat #2 : Chicken Flavour Everyone eagerly waiting to start..

Makan time! loads of food.. everyone going for the tom yam πŸ™‚ Manor’s parent came and join us too.. Bible Discussion led by Philip.. we had a great time digging into the bible for deeper in sight πŸ™‚ Everyone shared, even Manor’s dad.. Philip wraping it up before we proceed to the game.. It’s Win Lose or Draw time! One last photo before everyone leaves πŸ™‚ Check out this link to see more photos, enjoy!


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