Overcoming Struggles in life

Forgetting what lies behind and straining forward to what lies ahead, I press on€¦.
-Philippians 3:13-14

One of Satan`s strongest weapons against Christians is to bring up our past failures and
embarrassments to discourage us and tell us that we can`t go on for Christ. The devil wants
to pile up the rubbish and ruins from our past to block our progress.
Nehemiah and his fellow Jews who went back to Jerusalem to rebuild the city`s walls
encountered mounds of rubble and other debris from the city`s destruction.
The fourth chapter of Nehemiah describes the physical rubbish the workers faced,
but the principle remains the same in the spiritual world. The debris they were working
around was a reminder of past failures and defeats for Jerusalem .

But Nehemiah was there to claim victory, not moan over the past. Many times we must do
as Nehemiah did€”stand in the area of previous defeat and claim victory for Christ!

If you get caught up in all of the junk of the past, you`ll get weighed down and not
move forward. Many times we let the evil one remind us of our failures€¦
instead of focusing on the blessings of God in our life.
Have you lost confidence today because of failures that still haunt you?
If so, I encourage you to follow Peter`s advice and cast your anxieties on God.
Because He cares for you!

~ MC says:
Yeah,I guess it very true when I think of the past especially of my own character sins,
I felt very discouraged and sometimes I get so self pity about myself that I think
I cannot change and that I just needed more time to change..That’s actually Satan voice
telling me “Nah.. you cannot change, you had tried your best, don’t listen to others, there is
nothing more you can do coz you reach your limit..” and it just go on and on..

These voices really can stop me from moving on in my life if I listen to it more and more,
However from this scipture, I learning to overcome it by forgeting the past discouragment,
failures and embarrassment that I’ve gone through and continue to fight on and not moan about it..
I believe God can do miracles in people life and I trust He really want to help me change to be a better
person and able to lead my own life, I want to continue to pray about my struggles and repent of
my sins in my life. I want to have brothers to be involved and keep me accountable of my life
As a family in the Kingdom of God, that’s how God use people around me powerfully!
In the end I want to have confidence from God and not my own confidence, to really to what’s
God will for me and to claim the victories and blessing that God had promised me!

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