Open Season

OPEN 3D animation movie that I hope to win a 3D IMAX tickets to watch.. should be a very fun movie to watch..enjoy the trailer below 🙂

Official Web Page : SYNOPSIS

In €œOpen Season, a grizzly bear named Boog (voice of Martin Lawrence) has a sweet set-up in the town of Timberline.

He lives in the garage of a nice young ranger named Beth (Debra Messing), who adopted him years before. She`s provided him with a bed, a personalized food bowl, a TV and a nighttime ritual capped by €œThe Teddy Bears` Picnic song.

One day, after Beth and Boog have done their little song-and-dance act for the tourists, Boog frees a deer named Elliot (Ashton Kutcher) who`s lashed to the hood of a hunter`s truck. He may be missing an antler, but it turns out he`s not dead, and he later looks up Boog and entices him outside.

The promise of a candy bar, or many candy bars, gets Boog to a local store where the pair make a monumental mess. When Boog, virtually drunk on junk food, is brought home, Beth scolds, €œYou know what sugar does to you.

After another mishap, Beth decides that perhaps it`s time to relocate Boog to the wild. Dropped into the pristine middle of nowhere, the bear and the buck encounter a forest full of animals, from hostile squirrels to hide-happy hunters, as the pals try to find their way home.

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