New DotA Hero : Mirana Nightshade

Summon Priestess of the Moon (Mirana Nightshade)

A matriarch and high priestess of Elune’s blessed order, Mirana Nightshade serves as a light in darkness for the front line of the Sentinel ranks, raining arrows and falling stars alike upon the shambling undead masses of the Undead Scourge, while her very presence is said to be so holy that it melts away the fatigue of nearby allies, giving them greater haste on the battlefield. In times of need however, she can fade herself and others around her into the safety of invisibility, making her a potent supporter matched by few.

Strength – 17 + 1.85
Agility – 20 + 2.75
Intelligence – 17 + 1.65

Learns Starfall, Elune’s Arrow, Leap, and Moonlight Shadow.

Attack range of 600.
Movement speed of 300.

Hero Abilities

Calls down a wave of meteors to damage each nearby enemy. If enemy is farther than 600 range, it has a 60% chance to still hit him. One random enemy unit within 200 aoe will get hit again for half the damage.

Level 1 – 75 damage per wave.
Level 2 – 150 damage per wave.
Level 3 – 225 damage per wave.
Level 4 – 300 damage per wave.

Elune’s Arrow

Fires an arrow to a location with deadly precision, dealing large damage and stunning the first unit it strikes. Stun duration increases based on how far the target is, ranging from 0.5 to 5 seconds.

Level 1 – Deals 90 damage.
Level 2 – Deals 180 damage.
Level 3 – Deals 270 damage.
Level 4 – Deals 360 damage.


Mirana’s wild Frostsaber leaps forward into battle, empowering allies with a ferocious roar upon landing. Movement and Attack Speed bonus lasts 10 seconds.

Level 1 – 400 range. 4% speed increase.
Level 2 – 450 range. 8% speed increase.
Level 3 – 500 range. 12% speed increase.
Level 4 – 550 range. 16% speed increase.

Moonlight Shadow

Turns Nightshade and all allied heroes invisible. If Invisiblity is broken, it gets restored after the fade time during the shadow duration.

Level 1 – Lasts 7 seconds. 2.5 second fade time.
Level 2 – Lasts 9 seconds. 2 second fade time.
Level 3 – Lasts 11 seconds. 1.5 second fade time.

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