Movie: Jackie Chan and Chris Tucker in Rush Hour 3 Movie Trailer

Jackie Chan and Chris Tucker in Rush Hour 3 Movie Trailer Another Rush Hour sequel coming soon.. starring Jackie Chan, Chris Tucker. Directed by Brett Ratner, seem like a real nice and funny movie to catch 🙂 Check out the funny movie trailer..

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Full Movie Trailer..

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Lee’s (Jackie Chan) latest assignment is to escort and to protect Chinese Ambassador Han as he delivers a speech at the World Criminal Court Summit in Los Angeles. While delivering his paper, Han is shot and nearly killed. Meanwhile, former LAPD Detective James Carter (Chris Tucker), who has been demoted to a traffic cop, just happens to be listening to the radio when the incident occurs. He rushes to help, but instead interferes with Lee’s pursuit of the culprit.

To get his status back, Carter teams up with Lee to help track down the assassins. With the trail leading to Paris, France, both will find themselves in unfamiliar territory, having to contend with the French police, the triads, and foreign culture. The movie stars Jackie Chan, Chris Tucker, Vinnie Jones and Roman Polanski. It is directed by Brett Ratner

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