Making the Tough Call

But Paul insisted that they should not take with them the one who had
departed from them in Pamphylia, and had not gone with them to the work.
~Acts 15:38

Some of the toughest decisions a leader faces concern poor performers.

A leader who does not effectively handle them will hurt:

* The organization’s ability to achieve its purpose
* The morale of top performers
* The leader’s own credibility
* The low performer’s self-image and potential effectiveness

To discover the proper course concerning a poor performer, a leader
needs to ask, “Should this person be trained, transferred, or terminated?”
The answer will determine the appropriate course of action. If low
performance is due to skills that are poor or undeveloped, it calls
for training. Sometimes an employee is a low performer because he is
being expected to perform a job that does not match his gifts and abilities.
If the employee has a good attitude and a desire to succeed, he can be
transferred to a position matching his gifts. By far the most difficult
of the tough decisions a leader faces concern terminating an employee,
but terminating a poor performer benefits the organization and everyone in it.

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