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Snoopy Art - How to Draw using Photoshop - DotA

Want to learn to draw Snoopy using Photohop? Check out this site for a tutorial how to do it.. cool! Draw snoopy the beagle using photoshop default brushes. Don’t forget the smile, eyes, collar eyebrows, nose, and tail. For the black spot on his ear, take the pen tool and create a bunch of points that conform to an oval. Add addtional pen lines for shading under the nose.
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Add stroke lines at the bottom of his feet.

You need to set the brush settings. Use a calligraphic brush and one that is tilted and wide.

You want to create a charcoal effect.

Draw Snoopy

Make sure to decrease the thickness of the brush for the lines on the feet and increase the line for the collar. Create a new layer. Color snoopy white.

Art Snoopy Draw Photoshop - DotA, SEO, Adsense

and you are done!! cool eh 😀

Snoopy Art - How to Draw using Photoshop - DotA

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