Is this the end of Advertlets? Domain name expired??

Is this the end of Advertlets? oh no.. today i tried to access Advertlets to check out the earnings but it seems the site is down.. it says the domain name is expired actually!! check it out yourself and see.. this is what I got when I tried to search on my browser..

no more advertlets,Is this the end of Advertlets? Domain name expired??

It say… This domain name expired on Jan 03, 2008 !! seem like the Advertlets guys forgot to renew their domain name.. or company gone bust? no one know.. maybe only Josh Lim know since he’s the CEO of this company.. seem like Nuffnang have won the battle as the only Malaysian online advertising company for the time being.. Go NuffNang!!

btw, Advertlets still owes me bout RM100 for the advertisement shown on my site 😛 gone already all the money.. 🙁

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