iPod: Swimman first waterproofed 2nd Generation iPod Shuffle

iPod mini Swimming, Waterproof This is for all iPod Shuffle who loves to swim 😀 SWIMMAN, Inc., the originator of waterproof audio players and waterproof headphones, has created the first waterproofed 2nd Generation iPod Shuffle from the inside out.

“In the second generation shuffle we saw an almost perfect product”, says Dr. Martin Silverman, Inventor and Owner of SWIMMAN, Inc.. “The only thing lacking was that you couldn’t take it into the water. All it needed was some of our innovation and enhancement. Now we believe it’s flawless. It’s a SwimPod.”

Applying their proprietary internal waterproofing technology, SWIMMAN has made the iPod Shuffle 100% waterproof without a bulky case that would detract from the shuffle’s sleek anodized aluminum body.

The true pioneer of personal waterproof audio players and headphones, SWIMMAN introduced the world’s first waterproof audio cassette player and headset, followed by the world’s first waterproof digital audio (mp3) player. Best known to a core of dedicated watersports enthusiasts and master-level swimmers, SWIMMAN has been making H20-friendly music possible for over 10 years.

Customers may choose to buy the waterproofed shuffle on its own ($150), or bundled with SWIMMAN’s acclaimed Waterproof Headset II ($100). SWIMMAN’s Headset sound quality is comparable to other top brand-name sound isolating headphones (Etymotics, Shure, Bose) that are priced higher than SWIMMAN’s, but unlike SWIMMAN, are not water-friendly. SWIMMAN’s high-fidelity headset is 100% waterproof, featuring sound-isolating design. The shuffle/headset duo is priced at $250 at swimman.com.

By waterproofing the iPod shuffle from the inside-out, SWIMMAN has taken the very cool iPod shuffle and turned it into the ultimate all-environment accessory. Now you can “clip it on and go”…anywhere.

“You could grab one of the waterproof cases out there and shroud your iPod in watertight polycarbonate protection, but they’re bulky and expensive. What’s an extreme sports guy or gal to do? It’s SWIMMAN to the rescue with their offering that may just be too good to pass up.” – iPodhacks.com

Most Frequently Asked Questions:

Q: Who is “SwimMan?”
A: SwimmanTM is the originator of waterproof personal audio players and we have been producing them for over ten years starting with the first waterproof audio cassette and headset, then the first waterproof digital audio (MP3) player and now the first and only waterproofed iPod.

Q: Is this REALLY an Apple iPodTM product?
A: Yes! This is a genuine 2nd Generation iPod Shuffle that Swimman has waterproofed using its proprietary waterproofing technology. Because the waterproofing is made inside the Shuffle, no bulky, heavy case or other obstructive and unattractive covering over the iPod is required.

Q: What is your return policy ?
A: We are so confident that you will become a Swimman enthusiast that we have a no-questions-asked 30-day Return Policy if you aren’t happy with any of our products. The full purchase price will be refunded within the first 30 days!

Q: Is there a warranty I can count on?
A: Yes! Once you’ve made a purchase with SwimMan, you will be in safe hands. We have a 1-year warranty for all SwimMan customers.

Q: I’m in! Where can I get one?
A: Look no further. Swimman.com is the only place you get the waterproofed iPod Shuffle

URL: http://www.swimman.com/

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