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The world’s most popular MP3 player isn¡¯t making the world a boring white earbud place The world’s most popular MP3 player isn`t making the world a boring white earbud place. In fact, your iPod could be as individualistic as you ?thanks to the boffins who make accessories like these.


FM Transmitter | Griffin iTrip Auto
For: Broadcasting your music over a FM channel for wireless music enjoyment on stereo or car.

Products like the iTrip have revolutionized the way people listen to music in the car. With the iPod and FM transmitter, the CD changer feels obsolete like a cassette deck in an old Datsun and the MP3 CD player feels like it is so much trouble for only 700MB worth of music in a CD-R. Plug in the iTrip Auto (which includes a car charging capability) and set the FM station to an unused frequency ?you have your own radio station! No more annoying radio DJs, stupid radio commercials or Hitz.FM Morning Crew Rewinds.


Disco Fever | Griffin`s Disko (5th Generation iPod) & Disko nano
For: Party fun and lighting up the click-wheel at night.

Your iPod will light up and be the life of the party with multiple light colours and motion-activated lighting sequences. The tough polycarbonate shell protects your iPod, with a bonus: a ring of coloured LED`s around the Click Wheel lights up, swirls, flashes and chases in a variety of fun patterns that is triggered by movement. Suddenly your iPod is fun in the dark, with or without speakers or headphones. Get up, get up, get up and shake your music maker.


Showcase of Art | Griffin iClear
For: Making your iPod visible through clear casing that protects from scratches and bruises.

Your dog may eat your homework, but it`ll never stop the tunes. The iClear`s transparent and unobtrusive design protects the iPod with a tough, polycarbonate two-piece shell that is strong enough to take daily abuse. It provides total protection yet total access to the iPod’s control wheel, audio jack, on switch, USB port and LED. It showcases your iPod splendidly in its clear cocoon. This is proof that there`s always a place in the world for natural beauty.


Rollin?With The Goodies | Griffin California Roll Carry Case
For: Flexible roll-up casing protection and compartments to store other ingredients for fun.

The California Roll is a unique wrap`n go design for versatility in storage with three compartments for earphones, monies, touch n go cards or the likes. Just like the real sushi deal, it`s a simple design that`s easy and fun. There`s the built-in elastic band that secures the contents and the high-tech synthetic materials that do their part to protect your €˜precious? It`s a pleasant departure from the blocky and single-purpose protective cases.


Sing Your Heart Out | Griffin iKaraoke
For: Pre-Malaysian Idol practice.

Everything you love about karaoke ?without the tidbits charge. Just plug iKaraoke into your iPod, cue up your favourite tunes and you’re on. iKaraoke’s all-in-one microphone/processor isolates and fades the lead vocal track, giving your voice room to make that favourite tune yours. Don’t keep that raw talent hidden. Plug in or use iKaraoke’s FM transmitter to play through your home or auto stereo. Use the mike to control the music, volume and reverb. It’s your tunes as only you can sing them. The lights go down. The crowd goes wild. You know you’re a star. iKaraoke proves it to the world.


True Wireless Stereo | Griffin Evolve
For: Enjoying music from one iPod in two different rooms at home or office.

So what`s new with this speaker system, you ask? For a start, both speakers are operated wirelessly and can be placed separately in different rooms. Each cube has its own long-lived Lithium-Ion battery pack and delivers up to 10 hours of great music from your iPod between charges. You can now have a speaker in the toilet without worrying about messing up your iPod. Want more proof of its technical prowess? The Evolve even charges wirelessly when placed on the charging base. No wires to plug and nothing to unplug when you`re ready to enjoy your music on the high-quality speakers. Without having to run from room to room to change music, it comes with an RF remote. Watch out for this product, coming soon. Check out www.griffintechnology.com for more details.

Health Freak | Griffin Tempo
For: A hands-free music experience while jogging or at the gym.

The tempo armband keeps your full-size iPod or nano safe yet accessible while you hike, jog, ride, canoe, sky-dive, get your gardening done, or just hang around the house. It`s machine washable, so you`ll never worry about sweat or dirt halting your mojo. If you`re taking it jogging, you can pair it with the Disko nano for blinking lights or have the reflective strips on the Tempo to offer more visibility after dark. Isn`t that half the point of owning an iPod ?to be seen?

Hold Em?Up | Griffin iSqueez
For: Making use of the cup holder in the car to carry your favourite MP3 player.

There might not be many places to have your iPod nicely working in the car, especially when using the FM transmitter. It`ll slide around, and if placed flat on the dash the gorgeous screen is taken away from your view. Well, that sucks. But what if we told you, that the cup holder could finally hold your iPod and keep the controls within reach from the driver`s seat? Thanks to the iSqueez, you may not be able to drink and drive anymore but you can certainly groove and drive. And that`s legal!

Feeling Bored of The Songs On Your iPod? | iFill
For: Streaming MP3 files from thousands of free radio stations directly into the iPod

Don`t have time to keep up with the ever-changing Billboard Top 100 or BBC`S Top Of The Pops? Or have you always been frustrated with hearing a good song on the radio but never getting the song title or artist? Life can be simpler if radio stations could be recorded, rewound and fast-forwarded. Oh, thank God we live in 2007, because now all that is possible! You don`t even have to be a techno-geek or a brain surgeon to have it all. iFill is simple, hassle free and very intuitive to use. Select the radio stations you`d like to record onto the iPod (you can select more than one at a time), a few clicks here and voila, you can be learning German, French or English from stations all over the world. Mama always says, good things in life are free! (iFill costs USD$19.99 though).

Chain, Chain, Chain?| Belkin Acrylic Case with Brushed-Metal Faceplate
For: Transforming your iPod nano into a giant keychain.

Why risk scratching your iPod or misplacing it? Chain it to your belt loop with this nifty case and have your iPod where you want it – right where everyone can see em? The heavy-duty clip lends ruggedness and locks easily for safety. The Acrylic Case offers touch-sensitivity on the click wheel with access to all ports. With a brushed-metal front cover, the Case`s form-fitting design brings added style and panache to your iPod.

Tie Me Up | Sumajin SmartWrap
For: Managing excess earbud cord.

Long earbud cords could have you tripping (not in the ecstatic sense). It cramps your style and does little for comfort. The Tune Tie keeps the excess cord out of the way and managed, to the length you desire. Just loop it end-to-end and you`re all wrapped to go.

Cushion For The Pushin?| Belkin SportCommand for iPod
For: A sporty fashion statement that`s as pleasant for the ears as it is for the eyes.

Its durable and flexible design prevents rips and malfunctions from exposure to the elements as you snowboard, hike or bike down the most challenging terrains in the world. Keep the precious iPod in the backpack with the adaptor plugged in and control of your music wirelessly (up to 50ft range) through the SportCommand. It`s now ready to pump up the volume as well as your adrenaline!

Hey Mr DJ! | Belkin TuneStudio for iPod (5th Generation)
For: Creating high-quality digital recordings directly onto the iPod

Remember Sandi Thom? The girl who sings about being a punk rocker with flowers in her hair? Her rise to the top rung of UK Charts was thanks to webcasts from her London home basement. You too can be a star from your own €˜rumah kampung?or apartment, with the TuneStudio. It`s the first four-channel audio mixer that lets you create high-quality digital recordings directly onto your iPod for instant playback. So you can create music on-the-go and demo it on the streets or take it to the net for instant stardom. Just remember to give FACES an exclusive interview when you`re famous! For more info, check www.belkin.com.

Sticky Love | Griffin Kalamari
For: Protection from scratches and damage with silicone case with suction cups (oh that sounds kinky).

You`ve seen silicone cases, but not like this! The soft silicone suction cups sprouting from this case actually prevents your iPod from sliding around in the car. Just slap it on to a smooth hard surface like the glass window or dashboard and it stays there. Available for the 5th generation iPod video and ships in a 3-pack (Goth Black, Celestial White and Hot Pink).

Power Mania | Belkin TunePower for iPod video
For: Adding more playing hours to your iPod.

Like a backpack full of battery juice, the Belkin TunePower extends your iPod`s playing time by 10 hours for audio or 6 hours for video. Finally, you`ll be able to enjoy the entire Lord of the Rings trilogy at a single charge. It piggybacks perfectly on your iPod and comes with an AC wall charger that will charge both devices. This is just one of the thousands of innovations for the iPod ?it makes you wonder why does it make sense for anyone to buy something else?

The Bold and the Beautiful
Apple iPod shuffle
Price: RM 399

In five brilliant colours and just RM 399, the 1GB iPod shuffle lets you wear up to 240 songs on your collar. Or your lapel. Or your belt. Clip on iPod shuffle and wear it as a badge of musical devotion.

The new Apple iPod shuffle may have shed its smart conservative looks with the introduction of the colourful variants but it hasn`t lost the brains that made the predecessor such a success. It`s still simple to operate and built-tough like a tank. The diminutive Apple iPod shuffle is designed as a clip and being the jaw-dropping supermodel that it is, weighs next to nothing (less than 16 grams). It may just be the biggest thing in small! You can listen to your music up to 12 continuous hours. And while you`re doing that, every minute will be a joy. When somebody asks, €œWhat do you have on your sleeve??You tell them, a fashion trump!

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