How to prevent yourself from getting banned from Adsense Are you using Adsense in your website or blogs? Prevent yourself from getting banned from Adsense by following these few simple rules.
1) Most important rule #1 : DON’T click on your own ads . You can`t click your own ads for any reason. Many of you think that clicking once doesn`t hurt, but one click is enough for your Adsense to be terminated.

2) Read the TOS and Programe Policy of Adsense. And follow all that very strictly. Remember it changes as well, so do read it as frequently as possible.

3) Don`t tell your Adsense websites to anyone you know. Friends and family should never know about your adsense websites or blogs. If any friend get`s your adsense links, he may click your ads to help you, and you can get banned. Moreover if your friend turns enemy then you will sure have problems. 4) Don`t employ pop-up prompts or automatic software installations – I`ve been interested to see a number of publishers doing this lately by putting pop ups with ads in them on their pages or putting popups directly next to ads to draw the eye to them. Neither method is within the AdSense TOS.

5) Don`t make enemies online . Avoid enemies on Internet, as they might give your ads a 20 click and you can get banned instantly.

6) Respect Google trademarks. Google says – €˜Framing or mimicking Google pages is strictly prohibited by our Guidelines for Use of Google Brand Features.`

7) Don’t try to cheat Google`s crawlers, it knows everything. If you play honestly then it will help you more than anyone else.

8) Try to make content, rather than optimize for keywords as made for adsense websites are not tolerated by google any more.

9) Don`t buy duplicate content, or the adsense templates, these same templates are used by so many people, google may ban you for duplicate content.
10) Don`t edit your ads, you already get a lot of opportunities to get a desired ad format and color, there is absolutely no reason to edit your ads once you get it.

11) Don`t place Google ads on sites that contain prohibited content. Family friendly content is the way AdSense likes to go. This means you can`t put ads on gambling sites, sites with adult content or with profanity (to name just a few things they prohibit).

12) Don`t put your ads in pages with less content. Also mp3 and video download sites are a violation of the TOS so avoid those as well.

13) Be aware of how your site is promoted. Many publishers were banned for sending traffic to their site that is not €˜legal` traffic. Paid to surf programs are examples of bad traffic which your account terminated.

14) Don`t ask others to click on Google ads. Many sites does this, especially when they first put ads on their blogs. Be very careful about what you do say about your ads. Sometimes even an indirect comment or a €˜hint` can be construed as encouraging people to click ads, it`s just not worth it.

15) No porn and adult content pages allowed, so stay away from those pages.

Make websites and blogs to improve the Internet, add resource and knowledge in text, so that Internet becomes a better place and not full of junks. Don`t create pages simply to make money. Ask yourself, if there is no Adsense, will you still be making these websites. Your primary reason to make websites should not be to make money from adsense. Rather Adsense should be treated as an optional feature, that makes your website better. Whenever you are in doubt of certain rules and regulations, email Google your enquries to be sure. Don’t assume things!

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