Happy Birthday to pjlighthouse.com! 1st Year Anniversary :)

pjlighthouse.com Happy birthday, 1st Anniversary Yipeeee!!! it’s been 1 year since I started this blog site.. it’s been great fun just blogging about the stuff that I’m interested in and also bits of my own life 🙂 Some stats on this blog site till today.. This is post #1517 and so far received loads of comment which include 24,544 spam comment! Currently having Page Rank 5 , with Alexa Traffic Rank of 201,150.

I hope you guys enjoy your visit here and do come again and give me comments and feedback if you have any! I want to thank each and everyone that drop by to pjlighthouse.com and wishing you a wonderful day ahead! Planning to set up a new site very soon.. be on a look out for it! I will keep you guys posted 😀
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