Good Keywords – What Are Good Keywords?

Good Keywords

What Are Good Keywords?

Anyone doing any reading about Internet marketing or even trying their hand at marketing their own websites has heard about “Good Keywords”. The importance of having good keywords on your website is absolutely at the top of the list when it comes to getting your website into the top 10 of the search engines!

But, what are good keywords? How do you know which keyword phrase to use on your site? Let me see if I can help you.

What Do I Know About Good Keywords?

I’ve been providing SEO search engine optimization services) and SEO consulting for the past 6 years now. I’ve been extremely successful in getting websites into the top 10 of the search engines for relevant keyword phrases that not only bring in traffic but bring in income. Feel free to look through my portfolio any time and you’ll be able to see for yourself the high rankings that my websites are obtaining.

So, I do know a bit about good keywords, how to get them, how to use them and how to change them (which is very important). And I’m going to share with you what I know. Why? Because the Internet is ALL About sharing!!! No website can “make it” on the Internet without linking with other websites. The concept of sharing is the basic core of the Internet. Once website owners acknowledge and begin using this concept they open up a whole new avenue of Internet marketing for their website and their business.

Anyway, that’s another article!! Back to good keywords!

How Do I Get A Good Keyword?

There are two basic steps to identifying a Good Keyword phrase.

1) Finding the keyword phrases people are typing in to search engines.
2) Finding the amount of competition for that keyword phrase.

Step One:

The easiest tool to use to find a good keyword phrase is Overture’s Suggestion Box. I usually start the keyword finding process by typing in ONE keyword. So, for our example, let’s say our website is about “family law in colorado.”

Go to Overture’s tool and type in “law”, you’ll get all the good keyword results that Overture has about “law”. If you see “family law” in the list, click on that, (or any other keyword phrase relating to family law). You’ll see that you’re then given another list, this one geared to more specific keyword phrases. Copy down each keyword phrase that you want to use, each keyword phrase that is relevant to the business of the website is a good keyword phrase.

Continue this process with each keyword phrase you want to target on your website. Remember that the rule of thumb is to market ONE keyword phrase PER website page. So, if your website only have 5 pages, all you need are 5 keyword phrases.

Step Two:

Now that you have your list of keyword phrases, you need to find out how many other websites are also marketing that keyword phrase. If you go to Google and type in “family law”, you’ll see that the number of results as over 430 million. Does this mean that you’re competing with 430 million other websites? Not really. That 430 million number is Google’s list of ALL the websites that have the words “family” and the words “law” in it. You’re not really competing with all those websites.

You ARE competing with websites that are optimized for the phrase “family law”. So, the very LEAST any website should do when undergoing optimization is to put the keyword phrase they are marketing in their title tag.

So, go back to Google and type in allintitle: family law. This tells Google to give you the results of all the websites that have words “family” and the words “law” in the title tag.

Now you’ll see the number of results from Google go down and you’ll discover the true number of your competition for that keyword phrase.

So, what exactly constitutes a Good Keyword Phrase?

1) The keyword phrase should be found in Overture’s list.
2) The keyword phrase should have an allintitle number of 1000 or less.

Combining these two factors will help you to create and write your website, articles, newsletters, etc. Use this method to optimize all your online text.

There’s no secret to getting Good Keywords, it’s just a lot of work. And it’s continuous work. In other words, if you could do this daily, do it. If not daily, then weekly, monthly, as often as possible. There are literally hundreds of good keywords that you could use to market your website. All it takes is some time.

Source: Simply SEO

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