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cafe, cafe, Food, Restaurant, Fine Dining I went for fine dining at Café Café restaurant last weekend, located on a busy cross-junction, Café Café is a slice of Paris in downtown Kuala Lumpur. Cafe Cafe serve French and Italian dishes in a classic, old-world European setting.. we went there to have a farewell dinner for Fui Enn who is going to Cambodia to help out the HOPE over there as a volunteer for a month..

I didn’t manage to take much so I use some of photo from their site instead to show how it look like inside 😛 some of the photos inside Cafe Cafe..

inside cafe cafe, fine dining, food, french , italian

Here, the ones is to know enjoy privileges of classic dining, without pretentiousness. Classic yet modern, formally relaxed, flamboyantly simple. Café Café is truly a pastiche of styles that some together to enchant. A refreshingly informal place to meet friends, colleagues, or even a special acquaintance.
Cafe, cafe, Romantic, Food

They have accomplished chef that serves a repertoire of mainly French and Italian meals. Classic favourites include traditional foie gras (goose liver), which is their signature dish. They also specialize in succulent French duck breast, and for lovers of Italian food you can try pasta and risotto cooked with dried porcini mushroom. To stimulate the palate, there is a range of mouth-watering entrees like mussels in white wine,escargots, scallops with black truffles, etc€¦

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we were really hungry when we got there, and quickly make some orders..

cafe cafe, food, fine dining, pjlighthouse

started with some salad..

food, cafe cafe, seo, dota

and our main course.. lamb shank.. very big portion, wonderful!

lamb shank, cafe cafe, food

and dory fish..

dory fish, cafe cafe, fine dining

and spaghetti too..

spaghetti, food, cafe cafe, fine dining

we enjoy the food, it tasted great 🙂

dinner time, cafe cafe, fine dining

after dinner, we had fellowship and took some photos 😛

cafe cafe, fine dining, food, pjlighthouse

The location of Cafe Cafe is far from the madding crowd that is Bukit Bintang, yet close enough to feel the pulse of the Golden Triangle, is a quaint restaurant at a corner of what used to be the Edinburgh Roundabout. Opposite of National Staduim and near to the traffic lights at the Dewan Bahasa intersection, you can’t miss the 19th century Parisian-styled cafe that stands out in a row of nondescript shops. Parking is convenient and available around the place.. Below is the map..
Map, Cafe Cafe, Restaurant, Fine Dining, Food

More Info :

175 Jalan Maharajalela, Kuala Lumpur
Opening Hours: Mon-Fri (6pm-11pm); Sat & Sun (6pm-12am)
Phone: 03-21458141


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