DotA: Warcraft DotA Allstars v6.48b Map Lastest Stable Map Download


DotA Allstars v6.48b Download

Check out the latest DotA Allstars map v6.48b.. it’s out and ready for download!

DotA map v6.48b Changelog
* Fixed a bug when reloading saved game with Leshrac or Storm
* Fixed a big but rare MAC only (PPC not Intel) bug relating to Abaddon
* Lowered Puck’s Intelligence gain per level
* Increased cool down on Waning Rift
* Slightly reduced Shapeshift’s cool down* Increased Reverse Polarity cool down from 120/100/80 to 120/110/100 seconds
* Increased Enigma’s base armor
* Rebalanced Chronosphere
* Fixed various Silence durations on non-hero units
* Fixed converted ghouls’ capacity to attack trees
* Slightly lowered Puck’s movement speed
* Fixed a rare fatal issue with Aphotic Shield that could happen in -sh or with converted units
* Increased Yurnero’s base armor
* Fixed a typo in Sanity’s Eclipse tooltip
* Increased Rooftrellen’s Agility per level
* Changed terrain command to be a host entered game mode (-ts/-terrainsnow). Please advertise this when you are hosting a game, not everyone likes a different terrain.
* Increased Tidehunter’s movement speed
* Restored the old duration based Shallow Grave
* Fixed fogged units not getting stunned from Dream Coil
* Fixed game mode parser to not error “invalid game mode” when a non-gamemode option is entered before the game mode itself (like -weather snow before -ap for example)
* Fixed Dragon Knight’s revive name
* Fixed Soul Assumption visual effect
* Increased Lycanthropy Wolves’ base armor
* Fixed a recent bug with Multicast Bloodlust
* Fixed various other minor typos
* Fixed damage type on Double Edge to deal magic damage instead of pure damage to yourself
* Added some better feedback text to -swap
* Slightly lowered Bristleback’s base armor

Download v6.48b Maps here..

DotA v6.48b Map Link 1
DotA v6.48b Map Link 2
DotA v6.48b Map Link 3
DotA v6.48b Map Link 4
DotA v6.48b Map Link 5
DotA v6.48b Map Link 6
DotA v6.48b Map Link 7
DotA v6.48b Map Link 8

here’s the older version v6.48.. . >> DotA v6.48 Map Download

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