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I downloaded Latest DotA Allstars v6.37 Link 1 | Link 2 | Link 3
also this a link to Dota-Allstars 6.37 with AI Link 1 | Link 2

Some Update on the new map

* Fixed a big exploit with waveform
* Medusa’s Purge now deals 600 damage to summoned units, instead of instantly killing them
* Rebalanced Alchemist
* Reduced the Kobold Endurance Aura from 17% ms to 15% ms
* Hand of Midas IAS from 35% to 30%
* Cyclone on creeps from 20 to 10 seconds
* Reduced Primal Roar cooldown and Call of the Wild manacost
* Treads from +60 to +65 ms and from +30% ias to +35%
* Land Mines can now be properly seen on minimap
* WTF mode now requires voting
* Added a better cancel icon for Pulse Nova
* Increased Enchantress’s Intelligence per level
* Fixed a bug with -ar and -random that allowed you to get two heroes

You should try WTF mode.. really crazy mode where heroes have unlimited manna, so u can use your ultimate non-stop.. I press the shortcut key for ultimate till my finger also pain.. lol…depend what hereos u get, u can easily win the whole game ie. If I got Zues, Lord of Olympia, I just need to use Thundergod’s Wrath then all the heroes sure die no matter where they are.. keke unless there is someone who got global Silencer to counter me:P There is 2 new heroes in this map, I prefer using Warlock especially with it’s ultimate, the powerful Rain of Chaos đŸ™‚

Dota Alchemist Alchemist DotA Warlock Warlock

This technique aims to win at 3 on 3 or 5 on 5 battles.. This is not very fun at all(it depends), but ur victory is assured€¦ This is not prefferable on 2 on 2 coz ur teammate will be beated good if this is not done fast enough.

The principle of this is to focus or give all items of the team to the most powerful teammate (the most capable). The early u sponsor, the early u will win, so dont hesitate to give everything to the Chosen One(the sponsored hero). In 5 on 5 battles, the most preffered is to focus on obtaining Divine Rapier and Aegis(so that Divine wont be dropped if carrier dies). Of corz, a hero wit divine and aegis is invincible. So ur team can easily crush all enemies coz they cannot stop the force of The Chosen One. Usually, clinkz or rikimaru are the chosen one to be sponsored coz they have the capability to stalk and assault the whole team. And they are one of the masters of escape so ur aegis wont run out very soon. But ofcourse, the Chosen One may not be able to destroy the enemies all by himself so it is still a team effort. The Chosen One can start to feed his teammates wit item they need once The Chosen One is complete(wit Divine and Aegis), so that all members of the team will be powerful.

There is also what we call The Money Maker. This is a hero that would harvest gold for the Chosen One. These are heroes that harvests good but dont need too much items to be effective.Usaully, Furion, Techies, and specialy Ezealor, are used.

In 3 on 3 battles, the commonly aimed item is not Divine coz some enemies will easily counter divine with life-giving items. Instead, u can aim to get bashers and usefull stuffs. Here are some commonly sponsored items to different heroes:

– For clinkz, the most commonly sponsored to him is Desolator coz its ingredients costs less and easy for the team to buy. Unlike if u sponsor MKB,Buriza,etc, one of ur teammate will have a very hard time to obtain expensive ingredient, and that would delay ur victory or ur enemies will get there first. But a MKB or Buriz typ clinkz is more powerful than Desolator clinkz coz of the Searing Arrows which will not stack wit deso.

– For Rikimaru, the item would be S&Ys and Butterfly, or my personal favorite: 3 S&Y and a Butterfly.

– For Terror Blade(Soul Keeper), the most appropriate is Skadi. Yes its expensive but yet so powerful. This is also my favorite coz its proven safe and effective. Its Hypoloosergenic.

– For Banehallow(Lycantrophe), it would be Bashers BKB, and Tarasque. Get a Basher first, then get HoT, then BKB, then bashers all the way.

– For Razor, Maelstrom is very best for destroying creeps so that u can easily destroy towers. Other items is up to you.

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