Cool Stuff : The ButtFace Towel – Soft, Fluffy and Funny!

ButtFace Towel , Cool Stuff, Soft, Fluffy and Funny Did you ever step out of the shower and start to dry off, then wonder is that part of the towel, the part you were just drying your butt with? Or worse yet, is that the part your room-mate was drying his butt with? We have the solution, its the Butt Face Towel, it is soft & fluffy, funny and practical!

ButtFace Towel, Cool Stuff The high quality terry cloth bath towel has two distinct sides. One side is clearly marked BUTT, one side of the towel is marked FACE. Never again will you have to wonder if the part of the towel your rubbing all over your face to dry off was just drying your cheeks again!

The Butt-Face Towel is 100% cotton and measures about 45″ x 25″. It makes a great gag gift, but don’t forget to get one for yourself.

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