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Check out these cool future tech stuff from NEC.. truly amazing !

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TAG : the Soft-shell mobile phone.
“tag” is a new, malleable, casual communicator. It is not only soft but also flexible, for example, it can be hung from a belt or wrapped around the user’s arm. Shape-memorizing material and multiple pressure sensors allow the phone to change its shape according to the mode. The user can also alternate the mode by changing the shape.

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Tag, Future Technology, Soft-shell mobile phone,NEC


Gumi, NEC, Future stuff, SEO, dota Gumi,NEC, Future Tech, Cool Stuff guimi., nec, tech
Gumi, the Ubiquitous media chip.
In this service proposal, RFID chips hold the usage rights to images and music available on the network. The chips are covered in a gummy capsule, and are edible after use. When the play unit is connected to the container, the basic unit, it can be used as an audio player. By setting it in the cradle connected to the display through wireless LAN, users can also enjoy visual contents. The chips are sold in packages just like candies. Blank chips on which users can allocate data will also be available.


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Wacca, the Visual Memory in a Bracelet.
Just like our memories come alive when we take our favorite objects in our hands, visual memories and their tools should be more closely related. The performance of visual memory devices, such as resolution and memory, will eventually reach their usability saturation points. However, just like wearing wristwatches, they will be worn like accessories rather than highly functional tools. Looking into the landscape through an opening, this bracelet will capture visual images in the angles adapting to the distance from the viewers’ faces through distance sensors installed in the device. Furthermore, users can browse through the visual images on its viewer and also display them just like a picture frame.


Nave, NEC,Tech Product, Cool Stuff, Future

Nave, the 360-Degree Visual Communication Device.
We have seen video phones hundreds of times in movies. However, why can’t we act naturally in front of videophone cameras? Conventional visual communications at a distance have been limited due to the display devices and terminals. This terminal enables showing of the surrounding atmosphere and group-to-group communication with a round display and a central super-wide-angle camera.


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Flacon, the Virtual storage bottle.
We already have the means to store a massive amount of images in our various devices, so many that we cannot possibly see them all in a lifetime. “flacon” offers the ways to casually enjoy such a volume of visuals. The images emerge on an inorganic electroluminescent display. Among them, images selected according to anniversaries and the user’s emotions are projected outward through a projector.

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