Cool iPod One-Touch Any-Media Uploader

Ipod Accesories
The following iPod gadget is more oriented for the lazy people that don`t want to have the trouble to download and use software to get new videos into an iPod, so with this Any-Media Uploader you can just sit and relax while it does all the work. It can convert the video and audio data from many sources, including:

  • cassette tapes
  • vinyl records
  • VHS tapes
  • television shows

Ipod Accesories
Instead of putting all the data on an iPod, you can also upload it into a USB flash drive which will save some space on the iPod for sure, and this is what we like:

Simply push the record button, and content is converted to digital MP3 (audio) or MPEG4 (video) format, three hours of 320 x 240 resolution video content takes up approximately 1 GB, and is stored immediately onto an iPod (video iPod required for video content)

Source : Any-Media Uploader

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