Chitika Affiliate : Integrating eMiniMalls with your site’s content Tips

Get Chitika eMiniMalls I got an email fom Chitika on how to improve and will hopefully make my site merchandising units more effective.. check out some of these tips if you are a Chitika member too 🙂

Tip #1: Integrate eMiniMalls with your site’s content
We have seen many of our customers improve performance 5 times over simply by seamlessly integrating eMiniMalls units with their content. With our variety of merchandising unit sizes and customizable colors for borders, titles, text and background you now have the ability to make each of your eMiniMalls units match the colors of your website for optimal effectiveness.We have also found that units placed immediately after content text perform the best. Tutorials on eMiniMalls targeting (created by our fantastic support staff) can be found by clicking here.

Tip #2: Information Is Power!
Want to know which of your eMiniMalls units are generating the most revenue for you? Chitika now offers you the ability to name the various ad units on your site. We also let you specify your own channel names, so you can set meaningful names like “180×150 Side Unit” or “Home Page In the Morning”. Your reports can then be broken down by channel name. This allows you to break down the performance of your eMiniMalls units by metrics you define. More detailed info can be found by clicking here.

Tip #3: Spread the good word about Chitika & be rewarded
With Chitika’s Referral program, you will earn 10% of what every approved referral earns for 15 months. Log in to your account and click on the “Referral Program” button for more information and your customized link.

In addition, when someone clicks on the €œChitika eMiniMalls link at the top right of your Multi-Product Unit, signs up for Chitika eMiniMalls, and is approved, you will be on your way to earning 10% of what then earn for the first 15 months!

Tip #4: Check out our Blog and our Forum.
Take a look at our Official Blog, as well as ChitikaSPHERE, our Member Forum. They are both chock-full of news about our company, our products (both current and upcoming), helpful hints & links to further optimize your site(s), and tricks of the trade. Your questions and comments are always welcome, too!

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