Art : Cool PC Crucifix

This is an amazing art done by stacking up loads of PC..

“Pope, Pop & Terror” stood at over 4 metres high, the monitors forming a crucifix shape, supported by masses of computers.
The monitors displayed images, changing at different speeds on each monitor. the images were taken from statistics showing which words were most searched for on Google News over April 1st 2005. An eclectic selection of images, ranging from topics such as Prince Charles and his soon-to-be spouse Camilla Parker Bowles, to the famine in Durfur, the Papal funeral, and the ongoing war in Iraq.
Due to the height of the structure, this was the first computer structure to use some external support, as you can see in an image below. Also, the last five photographs were taken by Carsten Flieger, a photographer who was hired by Mac User to photograph the piece for inclusion in it’s May issue.

Click on the thumbnail below to see a full version of the photograph.

Check this site out to see more photos :

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