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Apple TV, Latest News, Product Launch

Check out the latest product from Apple called the APPLE TV that was launch recently. Get ready to change the way you look at TV. Now all the music and podcasts on iTunes€”and your home movies and photos, too€”can be enjoyed in your living room on your big-screen TV, transferred wirelessly from any Mac or PC in your home. With Apple TV, any time is prime time.

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Apple TV, Latest News, Product Launch, Mac + TV Your computer is the centre of your digital life. Your TV is the centre of your entertainment life. But what if you want to watch home movies, movie trailers, podcasts and photos from your computer on your TV? At US$299, Apple TV brings iTunes to the big screen.

The revolution will be televised.

Instead of huddling around your computer to watch what’s on iTunes, connect Apple TV to your widescreen television and wirelessly sync your iTunes library. Then pull up a seat, put up your feet, and pick up the included Apple Remote to play iTunes on your TV. Give yourself a hand: You’ve just changed the way you watch digital media.

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iTunes to Apple TV, wire free.

Apple TV, Latest News, Product Launch, Mac + TV

Apple TV connects to your TV via an HDMI port or component video and audio ports. Its built-in, superfast 802.11 wireless capability syncs your iTunes library from any Mac or PC in the house. Best of all, what’s on Apple TV stays in sync: Anytime you change your library in iTunes, it changes on Apple TV €” wirelessly, automatically.

What’s on TV? Whatever you want.

Apple TV puts your iTunes library €” including, music, music videos and podcasts €” plus movie trailers from on your TV. And your digital photos from iPhoto on a Mac or Adobe Photoshop Elements or Adobe Album on a Windows PC appear in high definition, so you can put on a stunning big-screen slideshow.

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Here’s a preview of Apple TV on YouTube >>

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