77 Ways to Get Traffic to Your Blog or Website

77 Traffic On the Internet, traffic is the king. No matter how many visitors you`re getting to your websites, you could always do with more right?

It`s important that that you diversify your traffic source. If you are relying too much on Google as an example, all your effort could go down the drain in a blink of an eye if Google change their ranking algorithm.

Some of the usual questions asked my most people who are trying to get people visit their blogs or websites are:

€œHow do I get visitors to my site?

€œHow can I get more than 500 visitors a day?

€œAre we relying too much on Google?

€œWhat OTHER ways of getting traffic are there? Allan Gardyne of the fame AssociatePrograms.com has published a report entitled €œ77 Ways to Get Traffic. It`s in a PDF format which you can download for free and no registration needed.

Newbies will benefit most from this report but if you are veterans, you might still find some new useful ideas from this report or perhaps refresh you memory with the techniques that you already know but don`t actually use.

If you are getting less than 2 million visits a year, you need this report. Why 2 million mark? Well read the report to find out.

Download report here: 77 Ways to Get Traffic

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