4 Common Mistakes Made By Adsense Newbies

Adsense Newbies Mistakes Google AdSense is the most popular money generating tool for a lot of publishers and webmasters. The popularity attracts many people to join the AdSense program. However, some of these beginners are referred by their family or by their friends.
They usually signing up at Google AdSense program without reading the terms and conditions carefully and understanding the program policy completely. It may lead for breaking the AdSense rules. They get caught breaking these rules and they are banned from AdSense. They don`t have a clue why they are banned from the AdSense program. Usually, they find out the reason why they are getting banned by reading the AdSense rules and policies after they are banned from the AdSense program. It was too late for that because once a publisher getting banned from AdSense for breaking the rules, there is no other way to get back in again. Google policy state that any webmaster can have only one AdSense account.

Here are the common mistakes which usually done by AdSense newbie that may results in banned AdSense account :

AdSense Common Mistake #1 : Using Traffic Exchange Programs
Google policy state clearly in Prohibited Clicks and Impressions section that publisher are not allowed to generate any method that artificially generates clicks or impressions. Using paid-to-click, paid-to-surf, autosurf programs to generate clicks or impressions will lead to the termination of your AdSense account.

AdSense Common Mistake #2 : Fall for Click-Exchange Program
To be honest, there is no quick money in AdSense. There are few AdSense click exchange programs trying to lure beginners to join their membership sites by promising thousands of clicks in return. These websites include:

  • clickmonkeys [dot] com
  • adsense-xchange [dot] com
  • clickmogul [dot] com

Using click exchange program to generate clicks is strictly prohibited at Google AdSense program.

AdSense Common Mistake #3 : Using Google Trademarks in Domain Name
Here is why you should not use AdSense in your domain name. You need to get written permission from Google if you need to use Google Trademarks. It is a violation to Google policy if publisher places Google ads on sites incorporating Google trademarks in the site URL.

AdSense Common Mistake #4 : Disclose the AdSense Statistic to Public
It is stated clearly in AdSense terms and conditions item No.7: Confidentiality that you are not allowed to disclose your click-through rates or other statistics relating to site performance provided by Google. You are violating the rules if you post your AdSense statistics in the forum.
It is normal that newbies may have a lot of questions regarding AdSense statistics since they are not experienced enough about AdSense statistics. The most common questions you will find in the forums are:

  • My earning today is $x, only 100 clicks out of 1000 impressions. What should I do to increase my AdSense earnings?
  • My CTR is about xxx%? Is it normal? Will Google banned me for this?
  • 10 clicks out of 60 impression but my AdSense statistics still show no earnings, how could it be?
  • I have got 100 clicks out of 60? How is this possible?

Most of the time you will find the answers to your questions, if you spend enough time reading posts from the forum. Most likely someone has already asked the same question as you. However, if you are looking for a quick answer, you should not disclose your actual AdSense stats or other statistics relating to site performance provided by Google in your questions. Anyway, you may disclose your gross earnings to the public since that would not break the AdSense rules.

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